High quality irrigatedhay and fodder

Lucerne hay produced under overhead spray irrigation

and renowned self-watering Belubula River flats.

Lucerne Hay

We produce high quality Lucerne hay from our centre pivot irrigation and self-watering Belubula River flats. Subject to seasonal availability, we sell:

  • Small square bales
  • Large square bales
  • Round bales

Our Lucerne is sold to high performance equine and intensive livestock customers.

Cereal Hay & Fodder

In addition to Lucerne, we produce a range of cereal hay products in large square and round bales.

We also produce seasonal plastic-wrapped silage bales for feedlot, dairy and livestock industries.

HAY FOR SALE at 25/10/2019

Premium Lucerne small square bales (old season May 2019) $20/bale + GST ex-farm.

Premium Lucerne big square bales (8x4x3ft) $460/t + GST ex-farm. 550kg avg. bale at 14% moisture. Cut 21/10/19 & stored in gravel floor shed.

We also offer a referral reward of $5/tonne to anyone who refers paying customers to us.


About us

Boridgeree is a family-owned mixed farming property located 10 kilometers west of Canowindra in central New South Wales.

Boridgeree has four centre pivots and a large area of self-watering flats along the Belubula River yielding some of the finest hay in Australia.

All of our hay is stored in quality sheds with all-weather access.

In addition to producing Lucerne hay, we produce rainfed fodder,cereal grains, pulse crops and livestock..

Our team

Charlie Blomfield


Charlie manages the day-to-day operations and strategy of the business.

Charlie has over 15 years experience managing large-scale farming operations across eastern Australia.

Charlie is co-founder and Director of CommStream Capital, a provider of expansion capital to Australian farmers, and is also an advisor to the Board of Haddon Rig Pty Ltd.

Eleanor Falkiner

Marketing & Communications Strategy

Eleanor manages the marketing and communications strategy of the business.

Eleanor has an extensive skill set in communications and stakeholder engagement in complicated infrastructure and agriculture projects with prior roles with Clyde Agriculture, AACo, and the EPA.

Eleanoris currently a Director of Haddon Rig Pty Ltd.

Raffaela Blomfield


Raff is in charge of daily routine and time management.

In her spare time, Raff enjoys pulling dogs' ears and loves having her photo taken.


Livestock Logistics

Roxy is in charge of livestock relationship management and logistics.

In her spare time, Roxy loves rolling in things she shouldn't, having her ears pulled but hates having her photo taken.

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